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 Hi! I am Kelcie! I am 26 years old and live in  Edmonson Co. , KY! I've been happily married to my husband, Logan, for 5 years and we have two fur babies... Maxx the Giant Schnauzer and Iggy the Mini Schnauzer! 

In 2013 I was a Junior in High School and I wanted my mini schnauzer. I begged my mom and dad and they agreed that I could purchase him if I paid for him myself. The entrepreneur in me started painting canvases with monograms and selling them!  I remember I had both of my sisters and my mother at our kitchen table making them help me so I could hurry and raise the money for Iggy! After a few weeks I had raised enough to purchase my first dog and I did! 

After, I had realized I really enjoyed making items for people and making money! I then purchased a Silhouette vinyl cutter and started making personalized vinyl shirts and decals! This is when Kelcie Krafts started! Hint Hint-- this is why the name of my business sounds like a child named it.. because I was a child at the time and didn't know how to use apostrophes! I cannot get myself to change it!  

Eventually, I moved to sublimation printing. I started an Etsy account and made a website. Here I am today! I have two successful Etsy shops, a thriving website, a mobile shop, and SO MANY local customers! 

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