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Choose your pricing plan

  • KK Basic S-XL

    Every month
    Surprise Tee sent to you monthly!
    • One Surprise Tee Monthly
    • Beautiful Custom Packaging
    • Info about other small businesses we support
    • Other Filler items (earrings, stickers, fun stuff! )
  • KK Basic Plan Curvy

    Every month
    Receive a surprise tee design every month! 2XL or 3XL Sizes
    • One Surprise Tee A Month
    • Beautiful Custom Packaging
    • Info on other local businesses we support
    • other filler items (candy, earrings, fun stuff, etc)
  • KK Premium Plan

    Every month
    Tee and one or two other surprise gifts
    • One Tee
    • 1 Accessory/ Jewelry
    • Beautiful Custom Packaging
    • Other Fillers
  • KK Deluxe Goodie Box

    Every month
    A monthly must have box
    • 1-3 KK Tees
    • 1-3 accessory/jewelry pieces
    • Beautiful Custom Packaging
    • Custom Stickers
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